During lockdown, we couldn’t bear not gardening for so long, and assumed others must feel the same. So we started a free online summer school to enable people to learn new skills and get creative despite limited resources.

The ever-popular ‘growing from kitchen scraps’ was one of the topics, in which we showed how to save your old carrot tops and other ‘throwaway’ portions of veg, to be brought back to life just being sat in a tray of water. We were mindful that lots of people did not have soil or compost, and with garden centres closed, it may have seemed impossible to do any growing. But we made a video showing people how to overcome even that seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

We had a session on how to design your own edible garden, on a balcony or other small urban space. And it was potato planting time, so we did a little workshop on how to multiply your spuds.

And our founder Bruno gave two masterclasses on garden design, sharing key principles and the approach required to analyse and design a harmonious and well-balanced space of any size.

We enjoyed the challenge of moving online, and it gave us the chance to reach new people, but we hope to continue with our main presence being in person, getting our hands dirty together on the streets of London!

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