We design & build gardens of all sizes, to create beautiful, biodiverse spaces where people & nature can thrive together. We can work from a blank slate, or renovate an existing space that may be overgrown. We prioritise sustainable design – which is good for the environment & will function & look fantastic throughout the year and long into the future.

We know that not everyone has the confidence, time or budget for lots of maintenance. Our work with councils has helped us perfect a low-maintenance, cost-efficient design approach. While our work with developers and businesses means we can deploy a wide range of top-end materials to create an immediate and lasting impression on everyone who uses the garden.

Below is a selection of our previous work; the full selection is available in our portfolio.

Linda McCartney Foods: Paulet Estate Community Garden

Thornton Heath Transformation with Timberland

Mursell Estate

Goose Green School Playground

Westminster Council Bulb Project

Duke of York Pub