Nature brings people together. Gardening in fresh air creates a relaxed atmosphere to build long-lasting bonds working towards a common goal. One of our biggest aims at Urban Growth is to continuously provide a range of opportunities for Londoners to engage with nature on their doorstep. 

Our previous projects include building green spaces and communal gardens in schools and estates, running regular workshops and projects created in partnership with London’s councils. All these activities provided chances to meet new people in the community and explore shared values and ambitions. 

We encourage a relaxed and informal setting where people can unwind and step out of their usual rhythms regardless of the complex challenges they might be facing. Urban Growth makes learning accessible to people who may have struggled in traditional educational environments. We often provide employment opportunities to those who volunteer regularly with us. 

Discover our portfolio or previous community activities below. Get in touch if you have a project you’d like to partner with us or click here to find a volunteering opportunity.

Gaia’s Garden

Linda McCartney Foods: Paulet Estate Community Garden

Thornton Heath Transformation with Timberland