• Lavender Wands

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We ran workshops for the elderly members of Age UK’s site in Southwark, adding seasonal colour to their raised beds and using their existing lavender flowers for seated activities.

We were approached by the Stones End Day Centre to brighten up their outdoor space for summer, and to try to reinvigorate the indoor displays which had mysteriously collapsed. So we brought in some bedding from New Covent Garden Market, and delivered activities which were accessible to people with restricted mobility.

We diagnosed the problem with the indoor plants as being overwatering – the number one cause of houseplant death! Having explained an improved watering and care regime for the New Guinea Impatiens we provided, we invited the members to make lavender wands from their existing displays and, for those who were able, to join us in replanting the beds outside with petunias and begonias.

This support for vulnerable elderly residents of Southwark was made possible by the Trust for London.



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