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We worked closely with designers to create beautiful, green installations for the new branch of this ethical & sustainable restaurant on Upper Street.

Not for the first time, we had to install the plants while building work was ongoing, requiring a return visit to dust down and clean all the plants. After multiple meetings with the architects, owners & interior designers & fine tuning the design, we installed 50 pots, 10m of troughs and 4 square metres of living green wall.

We had to fill the van to bursting when we picked up the plants, fresh off the lorry from Holland.

Then we laid out and potted up all the plants in troughs and pots from The Palm Centre, & used some macramé hangers from Breathing Nature.

When we got to site, we slotted the 10 troughs into the customised carpentry, creating a green curtain around a large communal dining area.

Lastly, it was on to the green wall, installed with the help of Armando from Treebox. We cut the units to fit snugly in the space, and decked them out with a collection of ferns, palms & other fantastic foliage. We installed a water reservoir at the base, to be topped up by hand, with a pump which feeds the top of the wall, and then trickles down to lower areas.

indoor green wall at Wild Food Cafe Islington

close up of green wall at Wild Food Cafe Islington

before and after green wall at Wild Food Cafe Islington

The project was managed by Scott Ashby, with design consultancy from No.6 Design Studio.

Reviews of the space almost all mention the profusion of plants, which define the space, set the tone and improve the experience for staff and diners alike.

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