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One of our earliest projects in a pub was this popular watering hole, part of the Parched Pubs portfolio, just off Peckham Rye.

When we first arrived, it was clear they had a passion for plants, and our job was mainly to fill gaps in the existing displays, and to give them some support on maintenance.

But there was also a much bigger job to be done outside, where a new pergola & transparent roof had been installed, and it needed much more greenery to soften the timber structure. So, we got stuck in!

white horse peckham pub garden

We also built a raised bed from reclaimed timber, around existing trees, with bamboo to provide screening from the street. In this shady location, we had to use the slightly smaller and less enthusiastic Fargesia species, whose narrow stems slowly expand to form clumps, unlike the thick-stemmed, invasive Phyllostachys.

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