Following the success of our bulb planting in with Lambeth Council, we brought the project across the river to Westminster Council in 2019.

We worked with local residents across six estates on five weekends to plant thousands of bulbs over almost 300 square metres of beds.

After initial discussions with the Council’s resident engagement team, we approached residents in person, on their estates, to gauge interest and recruit volunteers. In situations like this, we always rely on existing community leaders, who are well known and trusted, to act as ambassadors for the project and rally their neighbours behind them.

And when it comes to choosing sites and planning logistics, we always prefer to collaborate with the existing grounds maintenance teams, who will be responsible for the spaces long after we have left.

We often find that the grounds maintenance teams love these kind of projects, because it gives them a chance to interact with the residents whose spaces they care for. It also demonstrates to them the value that these spaces have for local people, and increases everyone’s connection with their shared public resources which, normally, we can so easily walk past without noticing.

The weather of course is not always perfect during bulb planting season, but it’s a joyful experience to put something dry and dusty into the earth, knowing that nature will work its magic to create a carpet of blooms in a few months time.

And it’s never to early, or late, to start learning about the joys of nature. We were delighted to have so many children joining us, getting muddy and connecting with nature on their doorstep.

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