In December 2017, we were asked to improve part of a Lambeth estate which was attracting anti-social behaviour at a busy entry-exit point.

How we found the site in the autumn of 2017.

The finished product, in December 2017.

As with many of our designs, it had to be low maintenance. This south east facing corner gets quite hot in summer, as the brick radiates heat. So the plants would have to thrive in heat, with little water. While this lawn mainly attracted dog poo and litter.

We were asked, contrary to most commissions, to make a garden through which people would pass quickly and not linger!

We turned the bays into beds using sleepers from our timber suppliers at Forestrall, building them around the bags of sandy topsoil mixed with compost by the fantastic Bourne Amenity.

As ever, we got our palms from the Palm Centre in Ham, who supplied huge and beautiful Butia capitata, Cordyline & Trachycarpus fortunei, which will provide an attractive but suitably spiky welcome to ensure the space is appreciated in passing through, but does not encourage lingering…

Building the beds



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