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The Tide is London’s first riverside linear park, with an elevated walkway that will stretch for 5km around Greenwich Peninsula. 

At its heart is The Clubhouse, a juice bar with changing rooms and exercise studios where Urban Growth installed outdoor containers filled with plants that will provide a succession of flowering throughout the year and interesting evergreen foliage. A loosely structured, informal planting scheme was selected to give the feeling of wildflowers softening the urban environment and enclosing the seating area. The fiercely windy riverside conditions presented a real challenge and the Urban Growth maintenance team gave a lot of love and care to help the plants get established in the first few difficult months.

Inside The Clubhouse, plants soften the smart, contemporary decor and their pots were chosen to complement the surrounding colours and materials. Gorgeous succulents with grey fleshy leaves tinted with pink sit on the tables of the juice bar, and plants with contrasting foliage trail from the shelves behind the bar. Upstairs, the rounded leaves and form of Pilea peperomioides give intriguing green accents and can tolerate the lower levels of lighting. 

The installation was done to a tight deadline amidst the frenetic activity of hundreds of construction workers putting the last touches into the internal decor and the surrounding Peninsula area in time for The Turning Tides festival in July. 

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