The Jetty @ Greenwich is one of our most interesting sites.ย  Made up of 7 polytunnels side by side, this is a huge growing and event space with a tropical climate onย the River Thames.

There is a huge amount to learn and do for gardeners of any level in this beautiful site on the Thames. ย Weather need not be an issue as there is a massive indoor space, kept warm by the polytunnel structure.

Come and join us for our workshops on Saturdays 12-3pm. Find free tickets here

And to book the space for events, explore this website.

Inside the The Jetty is a lovely warm, soft-lit spotย perfect to bring people together.ย  Being surrounded by plants creates a colourful, relaxing space that lets your mind wander!

We are currently using the innovative system pioneered by Autopot to grow food on the site for the nearby restaurant, Craft.

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