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We were commissioned by Stratford Original, the local Business Improvement District (BID) to refresh some planters in front of local businesses.

We love improving public spaces, & that’s one of the main things BIDs exist for, so it’s a natural fit for us to collaborate to green the busy streets of Stratford in east London.

We have worked with Stratford Original before, & they’re one of several BIDs whom we’ve helped to make their areas greener, healthier & happier.

The street planters are outside a selection of shops, restaurants & pubs across the area, in a variety of locations from full sun to deep shade. There was also a large bed with mature planting that needed tidying up and replacing in many cases. So we laid out a new selection of plants that could cope with the local conditions.

We refreshed the existing planting, identifying the plants which had best survived the cigarette butts & general neglect many locations had suffered, & adding more of those winning plants. We also topped up the compost for more nutrients, & talked to the proprietors about how to maintain their displays.

We were of course delighted also to be greening up the Cart & Horses pub, the “birthplace of Iron Maiden“, whose artwork & blinding guitaristry have always brought a smile to our face. We hope the plants outside their ancestral home will in part repay the favour.

cart and horses birthplace of iron maiden

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