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We were delighted to partner with Pebble Magazine to run workshops at their annual Christmas Fair, PebbleFestive.

It is so important to think about how much and how we consume, especially at expensive times of year like Christmas. The great thing about plants as presents is, with a little bit of care they can last for years, and give back so much in terms of cleaner air and more beautiful surroundings.

We took the opportunity to provide people with English-grown bulbs from Gedney Bulbs, which they could pot up into unglazed terracotta, one of the most eco-friendly pot options. The compost we use is certified from green waste sources, so it includes no fresh-dug topsoil or peat.

Decorating pots is a great activity for all ages, and we expect those bulbs will start flowering some time in early January under the right conditions. They can be planted out in the garden when they finish and the pot re-used for some windowsill herbs or succulents.

You can see more photos of the event and learn about the other brands involved here.

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