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We were delighted to be commissioned to design & install the planting at an innovative pop-up exhibition by Carl Turner Architects, at the Building Centre.The project addressed the challenge of London’s housing crisis, by looking at small-scale, affordable & quickly-created domestic spaces. Accordingly, we created a variety of planting styles, showing that the shipping container structures are as versatile outside as they are inside. There was a tropical bed with bananas and exotic grasses; a semi-formal bed with topiary spheres of Santolina (with amazingly aromatic leaves), interrupted by the bizarre and engaging Verbena bonariensis – a playful re-interpretation of a formal style, focusing on strong architectural elements, as befits such an experimental space. The long bed on the northern side showed a spectrum of Heuchera foliage providing year-round, low-maintenance colour, with feathery Pennisetum grasses giving height and movement. And on the top of the containers was a large vegetable bed, acting as a demonstration of what is possible in a small space – chilis, cabbages, lettuces, herbs, apple trees, strawberries & more flourished in the late summer sun.

You can read more about the project here.

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