• How the courtyard looked when we first visited

  • All finished after 2 days of building!

  • The young crops after their first fortnight

  • Two months after planting, the bed is overflowing with crops

  • By the end of summer, the greenhouse was gearing up for winter with seedlings and cuttings

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We built a greenhouse & raised bed at this community centre, so their amazing chefs could use fresh, chemical-free, homegrown veg to feed local people.

Mosaic Clubhouse are neighbours of ours in Brixton, who provide support and opportunities to people living with a mental health condition. So when they expressed a desire to grow more food and make the most of their outdoor spaces, we wanted to help. Using funding from the Trust for London, we built an 8 foot long greenhouse, and a long raised bed made of sleepers, in their under-used courtyard. Their members helped us over two days to construct the greenhouse, its shelving, and the substantial raised bed. Since then, we have returned to help prepare the garden for winter, and to support a new project, led by a Mosaic member, to improve the ornamental borders out front. There is real enthusiasm for gardening in the Mosaic community, and that passion will ensure that as many people as possible get to engage with nature in the heart of Brixton.

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