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We responded to residents’ requests to calm traffic & improve the entrance of their mews by creating large raised beds with pollinator-friendly flowers and space for residents to grow their own food.

2018 April 21st Melbourne Mews and Big Dig-3

This was one of our favourite projects, because it had all the key features that we know work when seeking to improve public spaces with the people who use it:

2018 April 21st Melbourne Mews and Big Dig-8

  • it was driven by residents’ concerns, and endorsed by Lambeth Council 
  • there are active gardeners who want more space to work in, growing food & flowers, & will care for & enrich the space as it matures2018 April 21st Melbourne Mews and Big Dig-59
  • with the support of the council, enthusiastic residents were able to convince neighbours to participate in the space transformation, creating connections between people who previously did not know each other.

And, since building the raised beds in the spring of 2018, after 6 months of a glorious English summer, they are overflowing with flowers & buzzing with pollinators, thanks to the ongoing local volunteers who care for the plants and consider the space their own.

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