One of our biggest community projects in 2018 was the Granville Community Garden in Kilburn.

We were commissioned to redesign the space, which involved quite a few elements:

  • totally clear and restructure the existing community food growing area, which was filled with broken planters & clutter
  • design & install a new bin storage area, to cover the 5 large dumpsters that have to sit by the entrance
  • replace the existing lighting pillars with new ones & install bike racks
  • clear and replant the steep, sloping banks at the front of the building
  • remove significant amounts of green waste and replant the hedge boundary to provide screening from the street
  • remove a dead tree and maintenance-prune others on site
  • throughout the process, engage service users of the centre in the design and installation of the garden

After we submitted initial designs and budgets, we arranged a community consultation day, to solicit the opinions of the centre’s users.

This enabled us to confirm final designs, commission subcontractors for the lights & trees, and to start placing orders. Works began at the end of October and, with some dodgy weather not helping, completed in mid November.

The project drew on all our skills, requiring some quite complex carpentry, plant design for low maintenance spaces filled with children and providing elements which satisfied a very diverse range of stakeholders.

On the cleared banks, we sowed native wildflower seed in rows (to make weeding easier) and planted young British-grown plants from Norfolk, to provide year-round interest for people and pollinators.

In the community garden, we built 4 raised beds, each at different heights to enable children and the elderly easy access. We also installed a small greenhouse to enable them to extend the growing season, work in all weathers and produce lots of plants from seed in stable conditions.

For the bin store, we originally wanted the screen of climbing plants to face the entrance and road, but the bin men insisted they needed easier access, so we had to reverse the structure, placing the curtains facing the entrance, and the green screen of evergreen jasmine to the interior.

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