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We installed a range of plants for indoor and outdoor areas at this dual-use venue – vegetarian restaurant by day (Wildflower), bustling live music venue by night (Ghost Notes).

One of the challenges in the outdoor area is the very low light levels and strong winds which whip in to the 5th floor in this converted carpark: Peckham Levels. So we had to choose robust plants, evergreen, hardy in winter conditions and willing to deal with deep shade – fun!

fats and heuchera at ghost notesWe went with one of our favourite warrior-plants – the Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’, underplanted with Heuchera to provider year round colour.

Inside, we have found that Cordyline work well in tough conditions such as these, with intensive air conditioning and heating making a very dry atmosphere which many plants struggle with.

ghost notes trees

ghost notes trees in potsThe slate pots are from Iota, ensuring the top-heavy trees cannot easily be knocked over by enthusiastic dancers!

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