We were approached by Play Nice in April ‘21 to help design and build a temporary multifunctional urban garden event space in the heart of the city overlooking St Paul’s called Gaia’s Garden. 

Play Nice is a company that specialises in marketing and communications to hero their clients with lived experiences. The idea for the space was curated from the outcomes and lived experiences following the Covid19 pandemic. With the restrictions due to be lifted in July ‘21 and a partnership formed with the landowner, Dominvs Group, this project had a very quick turn around with as little as 2 months to transform a demolition site into an urban oasis. 

We hosted online workshops to gather information & ideas of functionality with The Pattern, who had strong ethical values and a clear vision. Once a brief had been formulated, we developed the design concept with fundamental principles in mind such as sustainability, using reclaimed/recycled materials and following the model of a closed loop system. The site was live for 4 months before being taken apart. Pallet planters were redistributed to community gardens and the wheelie bin orchard found a home in a new part of London.

We had a brilliant time constructing the garden with a huge group of volunteers recruited with our partners, who enabled us to bring the site to life in no time at all.

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