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This bustling pizzeria & watering hole in Southwark needed some softening with plants, so we brought in a selection of big foliage specimens to brighten things up at The Fountain & Ink.

Indoor plants are a perfect way to break up a space and create dynamism in large communal venues.

indoor plants foliage Fountain & Ink Southwark bar

Grouped together, they create rich textures and visual interest, instead of dark, hard corners with sharp lines in shadow.


monstera indoors garden plants fountain and ink barworks london southbank southwark

They also clean the air and create a sense of calm and relaxation.

photo of foliage plants fountain and ink waterloo bar indoor plants garden

We’ve got some more work to do at this venue, suspending hanging pots from rails that are yet to be installed. It’s one of the venues we’ve greened for the Barworks group.


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