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We were commissioned to create a calming green space for staff & students at the new campus of this prestigious university, the Courtauld Institute of Art.

This gave us another opportunity to work with Woodblocx, whose lightweight, modular raised bed systems we had used on a school rooftop previously.

kevin hammering woodblocx courtauld

We also refurbished their existing raised beds, made from timber sleepers, which needed rebuilding & replanting.

jake cutting timber at courtauld

There were large tree boxes as well, with the fantastic June-berry or Service-berry tree, Amelanchier lamarkii, which has lovely spring white blossom, followed by pretty purple fruit that are sweet to pick straight of the branch, & then very good autumn colour. We love choosing it for lots of sites, as it performs well in sun or shade & doesn’t grow more than a few metres tall.

louis smiling and working with euphorbia at courtauld

hanging baskets purple and white courtauld on woodblock bed

We installed a collection of hanging baskets along the entrance way, using purple Campanula with ivy & white Pelargonium.

hanging basket at courtauld

We also brought in some indoor plants for their lobby & reading room, like this beautiful rubber plant Ficus elastica ‘Abidjan’.

ficus elastica rubber plant foliage at courtauld

indoor space at courtauld

Under the trees we put a mixture of evergreen & summer-interest plants like Carex grasses & Euphorbia, which will provide a variety of foliage colours even in the darkest months of winter.

Carex with campanula courtauld

Update 2 months later:

The plants have been hard at work, and are growing away well – see the difference since we put them in!

courtauld photos of raised bed on brick wall courtauld photos of raised bed on brick wall before

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