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We transformed a small community garden into a huge growing hub for local people, using food to transform lives: growing, cooking & eating together.

The Community Shop in West Norwood is one branch of a social enterprise that is empowering individuals and building stronger communities, by realising the social potential of surplus food. That makes them perfect partners for us, as they support vulnerable people to be more independent, connected to their community and leading healthy lifestyles. They already make such good use of their limited growing space, with a Kids Cook Club, Melting Pot and Feast Days, we want to empower them to grow even more on site, through all seasons, with a greenhouse and huge amounts of containers. We wanted to build raised beds but, because the site is only temporary, we have made sure that all the materials can be moved easily. So, we used recycled steel drums as containers, and built seating between them to create an enjoyable, social space to grow food and engage with other people.

We will continue to support their members, with regular sessions even in winter, to grow and harvest the crops on site, sowing seed ready for the spring. None of this engagement work would be possible without funding from the Trust for London.


  1. Helene Fawcett

    Hello there, I met some of you at the BMA garden square open day.
    I live in Elm village and you have a site nearby in Barker drive.
    I have some very large garden pots, about 80cm in diameter: they would be suitable for small trees.
    I wonder if you would like them? It is unlikely that I can make use of them here in our allotment area.

    Let me know if they would be of use please.

  2. Hi Bruno, it’s Tiziana, at Tulse Hill Estate. Yesterday I updated our Committe on the progress of the estate green areas (two more areas have been tackled since you came for the Harmony Garden). I told them we’ll have a gardening session with you guys at he end of September – could you give me a date so I can insert it in our programme and start publishing in a week? Last session (26 Aug) we had 11 people taking part and it was great fun. They are eager to repeat the experience!

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