We were commissioned to celebrate the reopening of this iconic central London area, expressing a playful and plant-full response to the privations of Covid-19.

Retail and recreation visitor numbers in central London were particularly affected by COVID-19 when compared to the wider city. Engine Mischief represent the landlord for the Seven Dials area – a one of a kind destination hidden in the bustling heart of London.

As the city gradually reopened following the easing of Covid restrictions in July ‘21, Engine Mischief were looking to create 6 temporary “Instagrammable” eco-art destinations relating to the theme “What We Missed During Lockdown” to breathe life and joy back into the Seven Dials. The pandemic emptied our stages and dancefloors, our theatres and pubs as well as limiting social engagements and inhibiting travel. As a celebration of being able to access all these again, we selected artifacts that paid homage to our national culture scene such as a classic piano, theatre seats, a dressing table, suitcases, beer kegs and a vintage sofa. What made these items unique was they were all adapted to host living plants to breathe clean air and splash colour back into our London streets.

Most of the salvaged items were sourced from our bosom buddies at the Remakery, who also helped us adapt them for planting.

And we loved working with the amazing local volunteers from the business community, who really brought the street to life with us.

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