Interested in permaculture but don’t know where to start? Let’s get SADI.

Permaculture design is a process that allows us to design systems ‘that meet our human needs, and at the same time support the eco-system as a whole’ (Aranya). Yet with all the exciting possibilities that permaculture can offer us, it’s easy to forget this and just end up throwing together a collection of ‘green’ technologies and techniques, only to be disappointed by the result.

To help up with this process, permaculture has borrowed many useful thinking tools from different places, including several design frameworks from other disciplines. One commonly used is SADI, which comes from Landscape Architecture; the letters standing for Survey, Analysis, Design, Implementation. The value of a framework is that it can guide us through the process of design, reducing the chance that we might overlook something.

In this workshop we will look at this framework in more detail with time to explore and experience how it works practically from a permaculture perspective.

This workshop is completely free for green fingered friends, but an optional donation of £5 is greatly appreciated. Donations help us to continue our work with our community gardens and support our most vulnerable members during coronavirus.

We can’t wait to ‘grow’ with you!

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