Discover how to create colours on fabrics from plants using kitchen waste

Join textile and fashion designer and award-winning artist Zoe Burt to learn about the various colours you can make from kitchen waste and every day items in this interactive talk and workshop.

This is a wonderful opportunity to come together to create some natural dye magic. If you have any natural fibre fabric such as cotton, wool or silk in small strips (3cm) then please do bring them along to the online workshop as we can make some of the colours together.

Other items to bring to the workshop are a handful of one or two of the items listed below:

-Used tea bags (Builders tea or currant fruit teas work best. Earl grey and Rooibos tea don’t work well as they don’t have the tannin so don’t produce much colour)

– Raw onion skins (Separate white from red onion)

– Turmeric (the root or powder)

– Left over red cabbage leaves

– Coffee grounds

– Frozen berries (eg summer fruits)

You’ll also need:

A glass or mug – to put the dye matter into

A kettle of freshly boiled water

A small saucepan

Metal / wooden spoons

A notepad and pen to take notes if you’d like to.

Alternatively you are welcome to just enjoy the presentation, talk and demonstration. There will be time for Q & A at the end.


If you are unable to attend this workshop due to the fee, please email us at to let us know your situation as we have a limited number of concessionary tickets available. We don’t want anyone to miss out.

We look forward to seeing you at our workshop!

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