Autumn nature-inspired activities for children

We’ve got plenty of ideas for young witches and wizards to keep their cauldron bubbling with magic this Halloween. These five spells will cast inspiration and creativity in your house. The best bit? All the ingredients are free and easy to find.

Let’s make some earth magic! 

Ghoulish Earth Potions

Magic is all around us. To create your goulish earth potion take a beaker of water out on your spooky mission around the garden or local park. Look out for brightly coloured leaves, fluffy feathers, scented pine needles, glossy conkers and other treasures to add to your potion. (Don’t pick wild plants – look for things that have fallen naturally to the ground.) Find a magic stick to stir everything up, then once you have found a really special spot, pour out your portion and make a wish.

Spooky Nature Quests

With the veil between our world and the other world lifting every walk is a quest for all things spooky. Keep your eyes peeled for…

  • A stick used to stir potions.
  • Silky strands from a spider’s web.
  • A goblin’s eyeball (a conker).
  • A leaf the colour of a pumpkin.
  • Slender twigs from a witch’s broomstick.
  • A leaf shaped like a bat’s silhouette.

The Ghost Bug Hotel

Even our ghostly little bug friends need a place to eat and sleep so they can keep weaving their earth magic into the ground. With a little bit of wizardry with old containers lying around the house from plant pots, plastic bottles ,and old toilet rolls we can create a ghost bug hotel. Once you have a collection of containers go on a quest to find things to put in your bug hotel like pine cones, sticks, grass and moss.

With lots of hocus-pocus put all the things you found into the containers, then pop the ghostly hotel outside and say these magic words;

I cast this spell

For a ghostly bug hotel

To give bugs power

To make more flowers

I do it for the hugs

I do it for the bugs. 

Leaf Enchantments 

Stepping on crunchy autumn leaves is like splashing in puddles in Spring – one of life’s simple joys.

Leaves hold a special enchantment that only comes out when we take them home to dry, then transform them into anything we want with a little help from paint and pen sorcery. We can turn them into faces, animals or magical patterns. 

For Halloween, enchant leaves into bats, ghosts and skulls!

Magical Milk Bottle Bird Feeders

Every witch and wizard needs an animal guide but they need a little help as food becomes difficult to find during the winter months. To help them out rummage in your box of tricks – the recycling bin – and like Frankenstein’s monster reanimate your discarded milk bottles or cartons to transform them into a magical milk bottle bird feeder. 

  1. Wave a magic wand over the bottle to give it a big clean. 
  2. Ask an adult witch or wizard to leave about an inch at the base of the bottle and with scissors or a knife cut out a window or door for the bird feed. 
  3. Gather all your magical tools to decorate your bird feeder.
  4. We recommend using permanent markers like Sharpies so they can stay colourful in all weathers. 
  5. Tie string to the top of the bottle, then hang in your garden or balcony!
  6. An optional extra is to find a nice stick to push through the bottle by cutting small holes on either side of the carton for birds to perch on. 

Enjoy the earth magic!

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