A kitchen colander can be a quirky and unique container for growing plants like lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, chives, or strawberries.

You will need: 

  • Colander of your choice
  • Potting soil
  • Plastic sheet or an old plastic bag
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen Scraps of your choice. We are using lettuce.

Step One: 

Take the plastic sheet or plastic bag and cut small slices into them with the scissors. Then line the colander with the plastic so that they cover most of the inside of the colander. This means you won’t lose too much soil when it’s watered and helps to make your Garden Kitchen Colander look neat if you would like to use it as a centerpiece on a sunny kitchen window.

Step Two:

Fill your lined colander with potting soil. Potting soil is ideal as it is less dense than garden soil but either should work well.

Step Three: Save the bottom stump of your lettuce, place it with the bottom down in the soil, water well and keep on a sunny windowsill. You can also add other kitchen scraps such as tomatoes, to have an abundant Kitchen Garden Colander!

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