We are very lucky to be able to use a new electric ZipVan in our work around Brixton, thanks to the BrixtonBID, Cross River Partnership and Lambeth Council.

One of our team, Orsetta, has been the main person using the van, as she ferries plants and materials between our various community gardens. We asked her to talk about the experience of using the clean green machine.

“I love using the electric van! It’s easy to book, only a 5 min walk from the office at 3 Space InternationalΒ House. It feels great when you are inside it, as it is so quietΒ and it feels like you are in a spaceship. I also feel very happy in it as I know I am not emitting any nasty gases. So very proud to be part ofΒ  this trial to make Brixton a less polluted area. It goes well with the aim of Urban Growth,Β  greening spaces and cleaning the air. So Keeping the air clean while we install new green spaces is even better!

I justΒ love driving it as it’s so smooth. Once you overcome the fearΒ of not knowing what toΒ do with an electric van, how to start it, how to charge it, it’s super easy!”

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