We had a great time at PebbleFestive at the end of November, helping people make their own plastic-free, living Christmas presents using English-grown plants from Gedney Bulb Company.

It was such an inspiring experience to be surrounded by brands and individuals who are harnessing the power of capitalism to make the world a better place. It made us feel part of a much bigger movement, slowly but surely moving in the right direction.

We always find that people love the chance to interact with plants, especially now in the dark days of winter. Planting bulbs – with all their stored nutrition from the past year, and with their colourful and scented promise for the year ahead – is a truly restorative and encouraging activity that tells us to hang on in there and look forward to spring blossoms!

Thank you to Pebble Magazine and Absolute Alchemy for putting on such an amazing event.

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