At this time of year, it’s always sad to see the days shortening and the weather cooling.

But with it comes harvest time, and that is the reward for a spring and summer of diligent hard work in the garden.

So, to celebrate the seasonal bounty, last week at PopBrixton we harvested the following:

Pak Choi          700gms
Lettuce            350gms
Mustard Red Frills  1700gms
Chard               500gms
Perilla               500gms
Sweet Basil      900gms
Chilli                 340gms
Tomatoes          730gms
Thai Basil          100gms

All of the harvest was given to the chefs on site or shared by the volunteers who helped us harvest it as part of Urban Harvest 2019 with Capital Growth.

Of course that was just one day, which we were saving up for. Almost every week between April – October we or the Pop chefs are harvesting something on site. It shows how much food growing is possible even in the smallest urban spaces.

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