Over the past years, we have developed an increasingly large portfolio of gardens around the Millennium Dome, in the Upper Riverside area of Greenwich.

It’s a rapidly changing area, with huge new buildings going up and big plans for the future. We are there, helping to ensure the new developments are as green as possible, to improve the wellbeing of residents, new and old.

Our work is inspired by biophilia. It’s the idea that we humans instinctively seek connection with nature, and that it makes us happier and healthier. By contrast, alienation from nature – as so often happens in urban environments – reduces our wellbeing.

This is what inspires us to create and maintain gardens indoors and outside.

indoor plants tom dixon greenwich c

In the lobby of a new block of flats, we brought in a collection of medium-large plants that will clean the air, filtering out the chemicals that are emitted by computers & other machinery, as well as the toxins trapped from the external environment. The interiors are beautifully designed by Tom Dixon, and we chose reliable plants like Ficus benjaminaย to provide consistent structure & soft forms.

indoor plants at Tom Dixon interior in greenwich lobby ficus peace lily

Upstairs there is a roof terrace on the 23rd floor, overlooking the Thames to the north and east. It’sย verywindy up there, and we had to choose plants that would cope with the very exposed conditions.ย Pittosporum tobira ‘Nana’ gives reliable, slow-growing evergreen foliage, which we spaced at regular intervals to provide year-round structure, and between them are Stipa tenuissima, Salvia nemorosa, Erigeron & Stachys byzantina, whose soft, fluffy, silver leaves cascade over the edges & give the plant its common name of ‘lamb’s ears’.

plants on roof terrace greenwich stipa pittosporum salvia stachys
In addition to providing visual & tactile interest for residents, many of these plants provide nectar for pollinators, some of whom venture up to these dizzy heights above the city.

verbena bonariensis flower on rooftop terrace over greenwich london

We try to demonstrate that reconnecting with nature is possible everywhere.

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