Despite the icy grip of English winter, Urban Growth is ablaze with activity! A taste of that here, from Seb…

small green wall at ExCel with Treebox

Today I was working with the green wall expert designer Armando Raish, founder of Treebox.

We were installing a temporary green wall of about 2 square metres for an exhibition stand at the ExCel London.

The thing that really struck me was the impact of bringing a huge trolley of plants into a very sterile, corporate environment. Immediately people’s heads turn, they smile & express admiration for the plants’ beauty. It’s clear that plants make people happy, and that’s why we love this job!

trolley of plants at ExCel with Treebox

When I got home, I wrapped up a proposal for a residents’ association in Lambeth. They’ve got a problem with fly-tipping, and asked us to suggest some hedging that will provide effective screening and barriers.

And much of last week was spent writing a proposal for a site in north London, where a university wants to reclaim significant areas of their carpark, to become a green space for students and staff. Our hope is that, should we secure the project, we will involve those future users of the site in the creation of it. An important part of communicating the design to clients is to create a 3D model, so I worked up a basic SketchUp render, using the program’s geo-location tools to identify exactly where sun and shade would fall throughout the year.

All this between managing the two large sites in my portfolio, PopBrixton and the Brixton Orchard, where we host volunteers every Thursday. I hope to see you there as we eagerly await the spring blossom!

SketchUp model of planters proposed

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