We have recently started training with one of London’s leading green wall designers and installers: Treebox.

Apart from being beautiful and inspiring, green walls provide a range of benefits in cities, which include: air purification, thermal stabilisation (insulating in winter, cooling in summer), biodiversity boost, noise reduction and dust suppression. You can read more about them here.

domestic green wall with treebox

Green walls are perfect for people with limited outdoor space, as this domestic installation shows. The resident has gained over 5 square metres of green space, which will envelop them and all their visitors every time they enter and leave the house – a perfect way to increase our interaction with plants in the city!

green wall face on

This outdoor green wall is southwest facing, and has plants that will provide foliage and floral interest all year round. They include Heuchera, Lamium, Sarcococca, Carex, ivy and various ferns. Green walls can be installed almost anywhere, indoors or out – they can even be free standing and on wheels, acting as a beautiful partition for large spaces. You can even grow food in them, massively increasing our potential to create sustainable urban food production cycles.

We have started training with industry leaders at Treebox and Biotecture, so that we can install them at competitive prices for our clients.

Get in touch with us to find out more about green walls in your space.

green wall during planting

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