Urban Growth London is being featured in the Social Summer campaign – a showcase of ethical Summer holiday activities in the UK which highlights organisations which are giving something back to their communities.

Urban Growth Learning Gardens is a social enterprise that improves Londoners’ well-being by collaborating with them to create & maintain beautiful, biodiverse spaces.

Working its way across the UK, Social Summer is raising awareness of social enterprises and community businesses which offer something beyond business as usual, being set up to improve the communities they work in. Polling by Travelodge found that 57% of UK residents are planning to “staycation” this summer spending around £31bn over the holiday period.

Many of the featured organisations are owned by the community, reinvesting the majority of their profits to benefit their local area. From museums and theatres to leisure centres, skate parks and community owned pubs and cafes – Social Summer shows that you can help make the world a fairer place and have fun at the same time.

Social enterprises are businesses which trade for a social purpose. There are over 80,000 in the UK employing more than a million people and contributing over £24 billion to the economy.

Urban Growth Managing Director, Bruno Lacey, said:

Getting outside into a garden during the summer holidays & enjoying this amazing weather is one of the best ways to stay healthy & improve your mood – we offer that opportunity totally free, every week across south London.

We are passionate believers in the importance & unique potential of social enterprises to transform the economy to work for everyone, reduce inequality and ensure a healthy, happy population.

Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK said:

With the Summer holidays here at last, why not spend a day supporting a business which is giving
something back? Whether it’s lidos, libraries, museums or zoos there are social enterprise
attractions out there for all the family. Pay them a visit, because when they profit so does society.

About Social Summer

Social Summer digital campaign running through the Summer months, Social Summer is run by Social Enterprise UK – the membership body for social enterprises in partnership with Social Enterprise Northern Ireland, Social Enterprise Scotland and the Wales Co-operative Centre. It is also supported by Power to Change – the independent trust that supports and develops community business in England.

About Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are businesses which trade for a social purpose that reinvest or donate over half their profits to further this social or environmental mission. They are an increasingly important part of the UK economy contributing £24 billion and employing nearly a million people. Estimates are there are between 70,000 and 80,000 in the UK. Research carried out by Social Enterprise UK, the membership body for the sector, shows they are outperforming traditional businesses when it comes to start-up rates, turnover growth and innovation. They are also ahead of the pack when it comes to workforce diversity and pay. For more information and statistics see Social Enterprise UK’s State of Social Enterprise Report: The Future of Business .

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