It’s now been 4 days on site at the Hampton Court Flower Show. And we’ve been reminded more than once that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

It’s the world’s largest flower show, it’s our first attempt to build a show garden, and we will be celebrating our 4th birthday on the day of judging, Sunday July 1st. We’ve swung between exhilaration & terror at competing on such a huge stage. Many of our neighbours looked almost finished (having started a week earlier), when we were still waiting for our plot to be dug out by a fellow contractor who offered their time and digger skills for free.

Sanding and repainting the boundary posts on day 1 seemed wise, getting a tedious task out of the way; but the ubiquitous lime trees (Tilia sp.) foiled our forward-thinking, by constantly shedding their spent flowers across every millimetre of the show ground, sticking to every surface with their nectar.

The frustration of the snags has been nowhere near the joy of the successes and, even now as we wait for the pond to fill and more plants to arrive, we are so excited by the prospect of demonstrating our work to almost ¼ of a million people next week!

Plants at RHSHampton brilliance in bloom


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