One of the best things about working on community gardening projects is the people you meet, and the times you share. One of the endearing memories from today will be of Shaquille – and a string of willing but unsuccessful helpers – trying to get his size 12 right foot out of a size 10 boot. We should never have let him try them on and, in the end, we had to literally cut him out of them. The next recruit from the Milestone Foundation will only receive over-size PPE…

We were also lucky to be joined again by our new friend Alex, a graduate of the Capel Manor Level 2 Horticulture programme, and one of the most consistently cheerful and willing helpers you could wish to work with. We also had the help of a familiar face to the Urban Growth family, our friend Bob who we first met through the Camden Society, and who has passed from student of our NOCN Level 1 course, to valued member of staff. 

Work continues with real purpose despite the mixed weather. The path is beginning to take shape, the backbreaking work on the trenches is all but complete (joy), and tomorrow we await the first delivery vehicles to make use of the newly reinforced entrance. 

Here’s to continued good times with old friends, new friends, and friends yet to be made. Main volunteer days this Friday and Saturday, whatever the weather.

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