We’ve completed our second day on site and it’s safe to say there are a few aching muscles, but also plenty of satisfaction as we planted the first tree!

Our mulberry, which stands at the centre of the orchard, arrived this morning from Barcham, and has become the first tree to go in the ground.

We also laid two surfaces which will make the site accessible for everyone – from wheelchairs to HGVs. In the SW corner we have installed permeable paving which allows vehicles to pull in to the site. And we have also laid a mesh which will give durability to the pathway from one corner to the other. We wanted a path that everyone could make full use of, but which was in keeping with the natural look of the orchard plan. The mesh path is sturdy enough to be used by wheelchairs and buggies, but once the flowering lawn has sprouted through it you won’t even know it’s there. 

We had a great time showing our paid trainee from the Milestone Foundation how to use a whacker plate and sink tree posts, and we were very grateful for the support from our local volunteer Alex, who is developing her career in horticulture after studying at Capel Manor.

Our big days of volunteer tree planting and natural wood work are on Friday and Saturday, and you can sign up here – we look forward to seeing you there!

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