We are under way to with the first exciting project of the year, the creation of the Brixton Orchard near St. Mathews Church.

There will be 35 fruit trees – apples, cherries, pears, quince, plums and a mulberry – edible hedging  along the back fence and mixed ornamentals across the site. A pathway will run through the centre of the site with lighting down either side of the path, and extra lighting will be provided by three pillars in the corners. 

We have been working towards this project for several months, in partnership with the Brixton BID, Wayne Trevor from Open Orchard and our lighting consultant Sam West, and there was a real sense of anticipation as we gathered on site – which the intermittent rain only very slightly dampened. 

With the help of several volunteers and an apprentice from the Milestone Foundation, we made good progress, laying electrical cable, filling trenches and preparing the entrance to the site to be accessible by vehicles. 

Check back with us for updates all week, and come and join us if you have some spare time! All assistance is most welcome and you can be sure of lots of muddy fun! Tomorrow (Tuesday) we plant our first tree, the mulberry from Barcham Trees, in the centre of the site.

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