Tomorrow we will be creating a new community resource in the form of 3 raised beds, at the Minet Library, which Lambeth council has forcibly closed (including the Lambeth Archives). We planned this work when the library’s fate seemed undecided, to add value to the site and demonstrate the wide variety of uses which a library could be put to. Now that it has been closed, this space transformation has become an act of resistance, in solidarity with the local community who very much want the library to re-open. We have also timed the build to coincide with the national Big Dig day, when thousands of gardeners all over the country will be out in force to create new and improve existing spaces. So if you cannot join us at the library, between 11-3 (click here for a map and address), please check out the map here for your local community garden and get stuck in!


To find out more about the ongoing campaign to stop the council closing this and other libraries, please see the excellent work of Defend the Ten.

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