Two large sycamores were felled at Time and Talents this week, clearing a huge space on the north side of our greenhouse, which we will turn into a picnic area and orchard with our new fan-trained fruit trees, arriving soon – apricot, nectarine, plum, cherry, apple, pear and more – some of which will go to the nearby church St Peter & Guardian Angels, where we are also weaving a long, living willow wall to create a tranquil garden for the congregation. We were treated to a mini-masterclass on the inner life of trees by Charles Hurst of Aralia Tree Services, who showed us that our pair of trees had suffered fire damage 20 years ago, as well as having nails put in some years before for a fence that ran between them…and the trees response by sealing off the wound to prevent infection…

And all this in between our willow weaving master classes from local resident Eddy, who has been skilling up our team over two weeks in weaving skills – as well as the historical and cultural background to the craft – ready to tackle the huge fence-creation job next week, when we will be hosting a team of volunteers for British Land.

It’s these kind of specialist trainers, bringing decades of experience to our small learning sessions, which help to ensure our graduates stay on with us as volunteers and part time staff, creating a really unique community of environmental education.

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