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Our base of operations is at PopBrixton, a hub for micro-enterprise, start-ups and community organisations in south London.

Pop Brixton is a temporary site awaiting development, previously a multi-story carpark, and now a thriving place for food, shared workspace, offices and retail.  This is Urban Growth’s home and where our urban garden Pop Farm is located.   Pop Farm was constructed in February 2016 to provide a space where people without garden spae of their own could learn how to grow food and flowers.


Shortly after the beds were built we held our launch day, which saw participants sowing the first seeds of Pop Farm.


PopFarm is now an innovative community garden which aims to improve wellbeing through increasing people’s access to nature in the city. We offer free training and community engagement, supporting people to grow food and flowers. From March to October, we have programs tailored to those looking for work in gardens (Thursdays), or to families and people keen to grow for leisure (Saturdays).


In addition to the weekly workshops detailed above, we are also hosting apprentices on site throughout the year, in a personalised package of support to provide employment and training to vulnerable people in Lambeth.

All of this growing activity not only creates social benefit, but also significant harvests of fruit and vegetables. These are given to traders on site, for use in their cooking, as well as to the local people who have grown the food. By providing fresh, locally-grown, chemical-free produce, grown with local people, we improve the health and wellbeing of the community as a whole.



  1. Celia Graves

    I was just browsing and came across your wonderful community organisation. It is so inspiring! I know nothing about gardening but wondered if it would be possible to volunteer?

  2. Hi there,

    My name is Enrico and I’d love to attend your Saturday workshops at your Brixton PopFram.
    I can’t see any Saturday events on Eventbrite. Do you do workshops only on Thursdays now?


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